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A vision for Virtual Environments in Year 2024 [English version]

Virtual Worlds in 2024
http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL6B Void/111/73/22
June 23 – 10am SLT now closed

The installation we have created for SL6B. The Future of Virtual Worlds represents some hypothetical use cases for virtual environments in 2024.

My choice of year 2024 as “the future” originates from the reflection that a 15-years’ time span would be long enough, allowing for substantial technological transformations, but sufficiently short for us to make fairly plausible predictions.

Assuming that no apocalypse(s) intervene in the meantime, in 2024 virtual worlds will be a multimedia space that can be universally accessed from the existing global communication networks by means of wide-spread and easy-to-use devices.

Their contents can be:

  • persistent or instantaneous
  • created or modified by the main character, by others or by a software
  • simultaneously experienced by others, in private or in public
  • totally fictional… (a role play or a movie)
  • …realistic… (being a likely representation of reality)
  • …or additional information (details about an artist superimposed on the graphic representation of one of her works)

Using our current terminology, the quality of the visual component can be described as video-realistic/cinema-like or better. The effect of an avatar’s vision is similar to that which is induced by the vision of real people on TV rather than to the one generated by our current Second Life cartoon-like puppets.

Functions carried out through virtual environments integrate (without necessarily replacing): newspapers, television, movies, video-games, concerts, and theater, both as regards the experience and the creation of contents.

In 2024, the communication channel offered by virtual worlds will include today’s voice/text/multimedia messaging systems, both in their instantaneous (chat) and asynchronous forms (e-mail, forums, social networks, etc.), as well as a universal payment system.

The diffusion of devices giving access to virtual environments can be compared to the current diffusion of mobile phones in rich countries. The familiarity with such devices is similar to that with watches or Walkman sets.

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